Creating a positive impact through sustainable development

We're building a better world

OLV Developments designs, develops and markets visionary mixed-use residential and commercial communities.

By maximizing the design efficiency of buildings across our projectsand leveraging renewable technologies including energy storage, conservation and recoverywe strive to achieve near- or full-net-zero energy usage.


Our Vision

Shaping the dynamic, energy-efficient cities of the future

OLV Developments Inc., was built on the belief that it’s not only possible to build sustainable, highly-livable and appealing world-class communities, it’s a responsibility that builders should embrace.

We empower major developers and end users by reducing their dependence on centralized energy sources, lowering energy costs and freeing them to innovate and grow.


Designing the Communities of Tomorrow

Our Projects

Master planned

Crafted Community

Tradition and Innovation

Global projects on a deeply human scale

We craft communities with an authentic identity, that leave a positive lasting effect for generations to come.

We take pride in delivering beautiful, energy-efficient projects at minimal incremental cost.


Let's build something amazing together.