Our Vision

Achieving a near-net-zero carbon footprint across every community we design.

OLV Developments Inc., was built on the belief that it’s not only possible to build sustainable, world-class communities at a human scale, it’s a responsibility that builders should embrace. We strive to deliver beautiful, energy-efficient projects, but at minimal incremental cost to encourage high-quality building practices. 

Our value-added process analyzes the potential of each property in our portfolio, then imagines what it could be in the context of the surrounding neighbourhood and environment. We consider a wide range of key factors—economic, cultural, social, ecological—when creating a vision for our dynamic developments, be they commercial, residential, or both. We believe that a community should have a distinct identity, one that clearly defines its value propositions and competitive advantages, and positions its residents to achieve their full professional or lifestyle aspirations.

Bringing such an ambitious vision to life requires effective partnerships with trusted industry leaders ranging from architects and urban planners, to construction managers and engineering firms. OLV Development’s reputation for quality, service and reliability has helped our team maintain and grow those professional alliances across every project. Our partners trust us to deliver each and every time, and we rely on them to bring visionary expertise to each of our communities.


Sometimes that means looking at an empty field and imagining how it could one day be a world-class destination for the innovators and creators of tomorrow. At others, it’s setting the stage for a plot of land to grow into a community full of thriving residents. Whatever the case, it’s about providing people with a vibrant public realm, progressive architecture, access to walkable amenities and public transit—and including mixed-use elements that make it possible for them to reside close to work—all so they can enjoy a more sustainable, fulfilling life on their terms. By working closely with local municipalities in the planning stage, we can shape communities of tomorrow in a truly dynamic way.

Our commitment to excellence is rivalled only by our passion for sustainability and environmentally-friendly infrastructure design and construction practices. That means embracing and implementing the latest technologies at every turn. Case in point: short-term/long-term energy storage, battery or flywheel-based electrical energy storage, photo-voltaic and thermal-solar heating, solar shading devices, natural ventilation and daylighting are just some of the green technology features of our flagship projects such as the visionary Oakville Green mixed-use innovation district.

Our sustainability objectives are uncompromising. We aim to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and achieve a near-net-zero carbon footprint across every community that we design.


reimagining the communities of tomorrow

We're proving that it is possible to build sustainable, world-class communities at minimal incremental cost to developers.

Dr. Joseph Dableh

CEO, OLV Developments