THe olv Story

Resilience, innovation and a determination to succeed.

The OLV Developments brand is grounded in a tradition of innovation and service excellence. Founded by career engineers, the company is dedicated to bringing industry-leading design principles to every project. A keen focus on sustainability, the incorporation of the latest technologies and smart engineering are at the very heart of our culture.

While our company’s foundation is high-tech, our roots are planted in a very organic place that inspires us to this day.

Indeed, you could say that the entrepreneurial spirit that drives OLV Developments was nurtured in an olive grove in Lebanon. It was there that our family patriarch—after a dispute with an employer that saw him turfed from his job, yet determined to succeed—purchased a bare plot of land in 1951 and planted it with bountiful olive trees. That modest patch served as the foundation for his professional aspirations and would help fund our family’s education and eventual move to Canada. It still produces olive oil to this day and is kept in the family as a reminder of the resilience and determination that have long been an OLV trademark.


The next generations would grow businesses in areas such as artificial intelligence and electrical engineering; they would focus on innovation in sectors as diverse as nuclear reactors, energy-saving, renewable energy and water purification; and they would build new companies to offer everything from cutting-edge software to complex engineering consulting services. But our passion has long been in developing the communities of tomorrow. Like that modest olive grove, we treat every community that we develop as its own unique ecosystem. Its buildings must act together in harmony and balance in a way that respects everything from the needs of the local economy to the neighbouring environment. Materials and building practices are designed to augment the local surroundings in every possible way. 

That means adding real value to the development process. We do it by crafting communities with an authentic identity, and leave a positive lasting impact for generations to come. World-class architectural design and flexible, strategic planning are just two of the ways that OLV developments are built to serve as global destinations for innovation and creativity. With strong project capitalization, longstanding industry partnerships, a reputation for quality and customer service, and a passion for the commercialization of society-benefitting technology, we’re building ambitious global projects on a deeply human scale.  

Our values as a family-owned and operated business are as steadfast as ever. We believe that it takes a dynamic vision to imagine and realize the kind of community that positions organizations and residents for success. That’s especially vital in a future that will be propelled by principles such as localized electrification, transit accessibility and the desire to live a life balanced between work, leisure and nature. That emphasis, coupled with a dedication to creating sustainable, net-zero-carbon footprint and net-zero energy developments whenever possible, are at the heart of our company’s belief in leaving our part of the world a little better than we found it. 


Who We Are

Executive Team

We’re committed to building sustainable, world-class communities

We add value to every process for an exceptional  service experience  


Tony Dableh

As an engineer and land-development entrepreneur, Tony is deeply committed to building leading-edge, sustainable communities using the latest in advanced technologies.

A graduate of McMaster University’s electrical engineering program, Tony co-founded Fifth Light Technology Ltd.—a manufacturer dedicated to producing energy-saving lighting control systems—where he handled a range of duties from sales and marketing to company operations. After selling the firm, he became engaged in a range of technology-focused consulting and software projects, while founding multiple companies dedicated to sustainability.


Along the way, Tony made a series of land investments around the Greater Toronto Area. Realizing his passion for community development, he took an ownership role with New Orbit Technologies Inc.—one of the Dableh family’s many businesses—and co-founded OLV Developments Inc.


While New Orbit offers consulting services in areas such as engineering design, infrastructure and land development, OLV Developments Inc., designs, develops and markets mixed-use residential and commercial communities. The goal: bringing the principles of sound engineering design, livability and sustainability to new-build communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

Tony enjoys horseback riding, carpentry, fitness and photography.


Dr. Joseph Dableh

A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Joseph’s distinguished career has included work in various industries including nuclear and electrical engineering.

Born in Lebanon in 1951, Joseph emigrated to Canada in 1971, earning a Master’s Degree in electrical engineering in 1978 from the University of New Brunswick, and a PhD in electrical and computer engineering in 1986 from McMaster University. He went on to work in the research division of Ontario Hydro, where he was involved in several projects related to the repair and rehabilitation of CANDU Nuclear Reactors. His innovations saved the organization billions of dollars, led to an enormous reduction in human exposure to nuclear radiation and averted the production of a significant amount of radioactive waste. Joseph also served in key roles at McMaster University and with the federal government.

Between 1999 and 2012, Joseph focused his entrepreneurial efforts on the development of a new fluorescent light dimming and management system and on a novel method for water purification. Fifth Light Technology Ltd, which he established to develop his proprietary technology, was highly successful and was acquired by Cooper Electric in 2012.


To pursue a life-long passion for community development, Joseph co-founded OLV Developments Inc., with his sons. His vision: to leave a legacy of sustainable and highly livable mixed-use residential and commercial communities across the Greater Toronto Area. OLV’s Oakville Green development is one of many projects that exemplify that vision. The district will soon transform a parcel of land to the east of the new Oakville Hospital into an innovation hub, research incubator and health sciences campus.

Joseph has been happily married for nearly 50 years and is proud to have built multiple companies with his children. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Joseph is a dedicated philanthropist who supports a range of causes.

Let's build something amazing together.